The Hamstrings


The hamstrings are located on the posterior thigh between the vastus lateralis of the quadriceps and the adductor magnus of the adductor group. While not as powerful as the quadriceps of the anterior thigh they are still powerful hip extensors and knee flexors.

All three hamstrings originate at the ischial tuberosity. The long tuberous bellies extend down the thigh before becoming long thin tendons inserting on either side of the posterior knee.

The Biceps Femoris is the lateral hamstring and has 2 heads. The short head that attaches to the linea aspera on the back of the femur and the long head that runs up to the ischial tuberosity. Both heads merge to insert into the head of the fibula.

The 2 medial hamstrings are the wider and deeper Semimembranosous, and the more superficial l Semitendinosous. The semimembranosous inserts into the posterior condyle of the tibia while the semitendinosous inserts into the anteromedial tibial condyle via the pes anserinus tendon.

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